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Thursday, October 07, 2004

To the editor:

It’s bad enough on philosophical grounds alone that Assemblyman McEneny plans to help a tiny coterie of fanatics restrict what we can eat (“Is Luxury Cruel? The Foie Gras Divide,” Oct. 6). On economic grounds, the stupidity of it is breathtaking. By forbidding the manufacture or use of foie gras in New York State, the assemblyman would wipe out the state’s entire foie gras industry and half the national foie gras industry, drive some of New York City’s finest chefs to distraction and possibly to New Jersey, and strike another blow against the high-end restaurant industry, which plays so large a role in New York City’s tourist economy. Let the customers decide: restaurants can, if they like, advertise, “No foie gras used in any of our recipes.” If the assemblyman succeeds, in a few years we will hear politicians calling upon Americans to reduce their dependency on foreign foie gras.

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