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Sunday, September 19, 2004

To the editor:

And now, controversy over Access-A-Ride (“Getting a Free Ride,” Letters, Flatbush Life, Sept. 20). Whenever government is involved in anything, there will always be, naturally, discord over the government action. The less government in our lives, the more we approach a peaceful, civil society. If transportation were provided privately, the public would have no interest in who the passengers were, how much they were charged, and what their destinations were.

Speaking of which, the so-called dollar vans make a profit while charging less than the bus, which loses money. All money-losing bus lines should be turned over to privately operated, for-profit van companies. The public would get better service and the taxpayer would be relieved of the burden of a transit subsidy. Instead of a bus arriving every 20 minutes to pick up 20 passengers, a van would arrive every 5 minutes to pick up 5 passengers. Former bus drivers would benefit, too, since the proliferation of vans would create a demand for many more drivers than there are now. This is where organizations like Straphangers should be directing their efforts, not begging government for transportation crumbs.

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