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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

To the editor:

Stanley Gershbein presents two sides of an issue in “Pilots Don’t Have to Smile For the Camera, Just Accept Them,” Flatbush Life, Aug. 23. But there is a third side, the “freedom” side. Why can’t individual airlines, in the absence of government force, decide whether, when, and where to install cameras, and advertise “For your added safety, we have cameras in the cockpit.”? Let each customer choose which airline to fly based on their own preference. Similarly, passenger screening should be optional with airlines. One airline could advertise, “No degrading and time-consuming screenings! All our pilots and flight attendants are armed and trained to subdue would-be wrongdoers! Fly El Alert Air!” Another could advertise, “Enjoy our degrading, time-consuming, and useless screenings, conducted by arrogant idiots! Fly Sitting Dux Airlines!” Let each customer choose which they prefer. People should not all be forced into a single mold decided upon by bureaucrats, when freedom to choose always provides more satisfactory outcomes.

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