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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

To the letters editor:

I am greatly interested in the New York Committee for Jobs and Economic Justice. To my knowledge, no one has ever defined economic justice, and without a definition we can have no real goal. How will we know when economic justice has been achieved?

Here's my definition: "economic justice is that state of affairs in which every human being on earth is free to buy or sell anything that is available, including their labor, (and free not to buy or sell anything), without coercion or fear of violence, and without restrictions as to prices or terms of trade, on conditions freely and mutually agreed upon between buyer and seller for their mutual benefit; and in which the 13th amendment is honored in that no person is involuntarily forced to provide goods or services for another, or forced to pay for the goods or services of another, unless convicted of a crime."

A moment's reflection will reveal that the major source of restriction on freedom to trade, and the attendant violence, comes from government; and that the major violator of the 13th amendment is government. Government is the source of economic injustice; personal freedom promotes justice of all kinds, including the economic.

If the Committee agrees with my definition, have them give me a call and I will join them at the barricades.

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