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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

To the letters editor:

Brian Jones is right ("How to Build a GOPer," Letters, Park Slope Courier, May 24). The way to increase the Republican vote is by making people richer. Stanley Gershbein is right, too. The way to increase the Democrat vote is by increasing handouts and entitlements. But Stanley doesn't go far enough. The very raison d'etre of 21st-century Democrats depends on creating generation after generation of poor people, and Democrats go to great lengths to insure it happens. The working poor are given unlimited free medical that is taken away if they earn $1 more than the limit, to insure they will not earn "too" much. Teen-agers with little skills who might be worth $4 per hour to sweep up are forbidden by law to work at that wage, to insure that such youngsters will never get jobs. And to insure that poor people will not start small businesses, Democrats have piled on so many restrictions, license and permit requirements, employment mandates, inspections, regulations, fees, fines, and taxes that most poor folks are daunted and don't even try. Oh, and wait, teach the children only in Spanish to assure that their English will always be poor. This is not mere theory. Democrats have been using these methods for at least 40 years, with devastating, dazzling success.

Add me to Sophie Tucker and Mae West, who both said something like, "I've been rich and I've been poor; believe me, honey, rich is better."

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