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Monday, April 12, 2004

To the letters editor:

Whenever I read that our indefatigable representative in Congress Nydia Velazquez has “secured federal funding” for some pork-barrel project in our neighborhood, I can feel my wallet getting lighter (“Four Local Groups Get Ready to Split Million Dollar Pie,” Park Slope Courier, Feb. 24). One has to know that in exchange for the privilege of getting $1.1 million of our money back for us, Ms. Velazquez had to agree to vote “yes” on the favorite pork projects of hundreds of other congresspersons from all over the country. New York always gets back less from Washington than it sends; the funding formulas discriminate against the northeast. Every time a pork pie is sliced up and sent all over the country, New Yorkers get a little poorer. Ms. Velazquez can do her constituents, and all Americans, a genuine service by ending such spending and reducing our federal taxes by an equal amount.

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