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Monday, April 12, 2004

April 12, 2004

To the letters editor:

Congratulations to Senator Golden for committing civil disobedience and flying the American flag (“Fly Flags Free of Permits, Say Local Advocates,” Flatbush Life, April 12). Flying the flag is a form of political speech, and Americans do not need permission from government to engage in it. With all the assaults on speech these days, from both the right and the left, from politically-correct college speech codes to the shameful McCain-Feingold incumbent-protection-and-suppression-of-political-speech Act to FCC fines for broadcast indecency (People in government deciding what is indecent! Ha!), we need more folks who will defy the encroachment of government on our inalienable liberties. If booksellers can clog our sidewalks under protection of the first amendment, surely Americans can fly the flag without permission.

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